​Times are tough right now for far too many West Michigan families and businesses, as skyrocketing fuel prices and generationally high inflation impact stressed budgets. Suspending the state’s tax on gas and diesel will save residents a combined $750 million at the pump in just six months. With this tax break and the income tax cut we already approved, we’re taking meaningful action to help Michiganders cope with the rising costs of living.


Republicans have made historic strides in the past decade in education funding. We can continue these landmark investments into K-12 Education - without raising taxes. We also need to make sure students with learning difficulties get the funding they need. Another way of investing in our kids is providing scholarships to help everyone meet their full potential.

When it comes to fixing Michigan's failing education system, our main priority must be student success and development, not bowing to national unions or special interests. Research has proved that one-size-fits-all solutions do not work, so Jon believes we need to listen to parents on what is best for their children.


Jon sponsored Senate Bill 565 which will use $4.1 billion in federal funding and $571 million in state resources to make important infrastructure investments across the state, including over $1.7 billion to help communities improve their drinking water and wastewater infrastructure — with at least 25% of drinking water funds dedicated to replacing lead pipes.  Every community Jon represents along the lake shore has mentioned the importance of clean water, and this legislation will protect water infrastructure in our communities for generations to come.


Jon Bumstead believes we have a sacred obligation: to prepare and equip our troops when we send them into harm’s way, and to care for them and their families–both while they are deployed and after they return home. Jon understands the gravity of this promise. Our service members ensure our freedoms, our security, and our rights. They are willing to sacrifice everything -and many of them do. Jon will always be a strong voice for them.


Jon is helping main street businesses throughout Michigan recover from the effects of the governor’s shutdowns while attracting new businesses and growing lucrative jobs. We can’t afford to see Michigan lose good jobs and good people to neighboring states with a lower tax rate.I also support Senate 768 which is focused on help Michigan families by lowering the state’s personal income tax rate to 3.9% and creating a $500 tax credit for each child under the age of 19. The legislation would also increase the tax deduction for all seniors up to $40,000 for individuals and $80,000 for couples and lower the age of eligibility from 67 to 62.

Michiganders are struggling with historic inflation and are being forced to stretch their budgets further and further each month. Instead of growing government, we should let the hardworking people of our great state keep more of what they earn.


Jon is a stong supporter of our rights. He is proudly pro-life and will always defend the unborn. Along with being Pro-Life, Jon is a strong supporter of our Gun Rights. The Constitution clearly states that our Right to Bear Arms, "shall not be infringed." The Constitution needs leaders who will defend it and enforce it more than ever- and we can trust Jon to be that leader in Lansing.